Ours flowers

Dear guests,
I would like to tell you about my beloved flowers, with their perfumes and their different colours they bring joy to the various gardens of Casa Bistino, placed at the entrance of the drive they welcome our guests...
Week after week, they keep us company, inviting us with their beauty and simplicity to pause, to reflect...
Universal ambassadors of love and peace!
And I would like to tell you about " my valley" the Valdambra, with its quiet hills covered in silver olive trees, with its green woods in Spring, autumn woods of a thousand colours which have inspired many artists.
I cannot forget the lively swallows that return every year to nest here, the breathtaking sunsets of a thousand hues which captivate the eyes and warm the heart, the stars and constellations which are well visible on Tuscan nights.
Tiny villages perched on the top of hills, history which has lived through the Middle Ages and Renaissance period...
The smells of good food ,the friendliness and typical hospitality of the Tuscans...
For this reason I would like share with you the land where I had the good fortune to be born
And everything that surrounds me...
So you too can appreciate the beauty

Casa Bistino

Ambra, loc. Casa Bistino 46,
Bucine (Arezzo)
Toscana - Italia
Tel./Fax +39 055 996914

Agriturismo Casa Bistino - di Zampi Eraldo P.IVA 00261050512 - - © Riproduzione vietata
Agriturismo Casa Bistino di Zampi Eraldo

Ambra, Località Casa Bistino 46, 52020 Bucine (Arezzo) ITALIA
Tel./Fax +39 055 996914
P.IVA 00261050512 - © Riproduzione vietata