Our Extravergine Olive Oil

In the months of November and December, when the cold is biting and the days are short, we collect the olives.

We begin by laying huge nets at the base of each plant, and then we use special rakes to work, branch by branch, combing each frond.

It is a simple job but extremely time consuming.

We use wooden ladders to reach the highest branches.

Once the ripe olives full of oil have been harvested, they are transported to the mill where they are crushed by the millstones, a traditional process which is still in use today.

The result is the precious extra virgin olive oil which is so important for our health.

Casa Bistino

Ambra, loc. Casa Bistino 46,
Bucine (Arezzo)
Toscana - Italia
Tel./Fax +39 055 996914

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Agriturismo Casa Bistino di Zampi Eraldo

Ambra, Località Casa Bistino 46, 52020 Bucine (Arezzo) ITALIA
Tel./Fax +39 055 996914
P.IVA 00261050512 - © Riproduzione vietata